Grace Q-Zone Queen Frame and Q’nique 15R Stitch Regulated Machine for only $4999

Free Accessory Kit Includes:

Ruler Base

Hopping Foot Kit

3 Template Rulers


4 Pks. Needles

The Q-Zone Queen Quilting Frame

The adjustable and affordable way to complete your own quilting system

The Q-Zone Queen offers a high-quality machine quilting frame at an affordable price. This frame feature a simplified 2-rail system and includes Quilt Clips for easy fabric control. Just clip the Quilt Clips to the quilt and rail for even tension without having to roll the fabric on a the rail. This frame can be set up in a crib or a queen size.


Q-Zone Queen quilting frame
GQ machine quilting frame

SR2 track

Smooth Carriage System

Q-Zone Queen Frame track and carriage

Sturdy Steel Construction

Quilting Frame Leveling Feet

Leveling Feet


Sitting at the Q-Zone Queen quilting frame

Work Sitting or Standing

Optional Accessories

Q-Zone quilting frame table inserts

Table Inserts

Add a table-top surface to your Q-Zone for pantograph tracing and other uses from the back of your frame.

Grace Company Cloth Leaders

Grace Company Cloth Leaders

A time-saving product to help you attach the fabric to your frame easily and accurately. Includes three king size cloth leaders printed with precise guide marks and pin lines. It includes a Velcro® attachment kit that is used to secure the cloth leaders to your frame.

Q-Zone Queen Specs

The Maximum Quilt Area on a machine frame is the total distance your machine needle can travel from one end of the frame to the other. This measurement may vary slightly depending on your machine.

Maximum Quilt Area


Rail Diameter

1¼ inches

Maximum Machine Throat Size

19 inches

Q-Zone Queen frame size

The Q’nique 15 Quilting Machines

All the professional quilting features in a midarm package

Qnique 15M regulated quilting machine

Quilting machine with built-in stitch regulation for easy beautifully-consistent stitches.

Expand Your Reach!

Larger throat space for larger quilt blocks and patterns.

Q'nique larger quilting blocks

Qnique extended throat space

Superior stitching quality

Get beautiful stitching with any of the Q’nique 15 models.

  • Each one features a high-power motor capable of 1,800 stitches-per-minute.
  • Thread tension is easily adjustable.

Stitch regulation (currently only available in the Q’nique 15R Model) keeps your beautiful stitches consistently the same length. As you speed up or slow down in your movements, the machine will speed up and slow down its stitching speed, so you won’t have to worry about some stitches being longer or shorter than others.

quality stitching

Familiar Stitching Process

Quilting the natural way!

New quilters are delighted to find how much easier quilting is with a quilting frame! Moving the machine to stitch is like drawing with a pencil on paper, not moving the paper underneath a stationary pencil.

Quilting Machine Handels


Frame assembly is required.  This is a special order item.