Johnson City Sewing Center’s Embroidery Club meets Saturday, October 17th. Our project is a covered  notebook and we will be using embroidery foam.  I chose a small 3 ring binder (from Office Depot) but you can also use one of those black composition books or a small spiral notebook.  Johnson City Sewing Center will provide the foam. 

Supplies: Sewing and embroidery machine

Notebook, binder, composition book

Fabric – Open your book on your fabric.  Cut the fabric about 3 inches wider than the notebook and at least 12 inches longer.

Cut away stabilizer

Thread to match the foam as closely as possible.  The foam will be provided by JC Sewing Center. Foam colors include yellow, black, orange, grass green, beige, gray, purple, pink, red, blue, white and dark green

Design: Go to  On the left, click on embroidery designs, then free embroidery designs.  In the search area, type in Floral Double Border.  Please have this downloaded to your embroidery machine.

Lettering:  You will need to decide what word you want in your border – a name, Recipes, Notes, Jottings, etc.  Choose a font that has satin stitches that are fairly dense and the ends of the letters are enclosed.  I like fonts like cursive, blackboard and anniversary.  You don’t want fonts that have long satin stitches at the edges of the letters.  Enlarge the word as much as possible to fit in the border

Looking forward to seeing lots of masked people on the 19th.  Don’t forget show and tell, and your machine(s) if you want to sew out the project after the club.  Jackie